Intimina Lily Menstrual Cup A
Intimina Lily Menstrual Cup A
Intimina Lily Menstrual Cup A
Intimina Lily Menstrual Cup A

Intimina Lily Menstrual Cup B

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Intimina Lily Cup B is a game changer!

Thanks to its angled form that complements your anatomy, Lily Cup is the only cup that can be rolled as thin as a tampon. It is perfect for those who have a higher cervix or heavier flow while it offers complete comfort all period long. Its incredibly smooth design and slanted rim allow you to use this menstrual cup for up to 8 hours without worries.

Size B: this size is recommended for women who gave birth or for those who have a weaker pelvic floor. If you have a heavier flow, this will be the perfect match for you.

100% medical grade silicone. Perfect for users with a higher cervix. Covers the lightest to heaviest flow.

Healthy and safe: no odor, dryness or irritation. No spill rim and easy removal stem. Up to 8 hours of hassle free protection. Reusable and eco-friendly period solution. Size 3.07 inches in height by 1.71 inches in diameter. Capacity about 1.12 fluid ounces.

How to use: hold the base of your Lily Cup Compact, flatten the opening and fold in half. Insert: angle your cup towards your tailbone and insert it until the removal stem is inside.

Placement: rotate the cup in both directions or slightly pull it down. Run your finger around the cup to make sure it’s entirely open. If the cup does not move, you are good to go!

Removal: grab the removal stem and softly squeeze the base to release the seal. Gently pull the stem and the cup is out!

Safe. Made from 100% FDA approved medical grade silicone that is Bisphenol BPA free and phthalate free. No harmful chemicals or bleaches. Eco-friendly and economical.

Reduces waste: no more tampons or pads to bin. One cup can last for years. 

Ingredients and materials: made from 100% body safe medical grade Silicone. Hypoallergenic. Phthalate free and Bisphenol BPA free.

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