Curvy Girl Sex 101

Curvy Girl Sex 101

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Curvy Girl Sex 101 Body Positive Positions to Empower Your Sex Life Book by Elle Chase. 192 pages. Your guide to embracing your sexy self and having brilliant, bountiful, bodacious sex! Who says you have to be a size 6 to have the best sex of your life? Curvy Girl Sex is here to show you that regardless of size, shape, or flexibility you can get creative and have satisfying, sultry, sensual sex! Sex educator Elle Chase covers sex positions from basic to advanced, specific challenges faced as plus sized lovers, and precise tips, tricks and techniques that cater to your big, beautiful body. You will learn about sex toys on the market that are best for a woman of size, the one item in everyone is home that is just waiting to be used to make sex better, tried and tested methods, positions and sex hacks. 8 inches by 8 inches. Published Feb 1, 2017. Curvy Girl Sex 101 by Elle Chase. Elle Chase Certified sex educator, writer, and speaker Elle Chase, ACS is the author of Curvy Girl Sex, the editor of the #NSFW Totally Naughty Coloring Book, and is the creator of the multi award winning, sex positive porn site and brand Lady Cheeky. Elle speaks and teaches workshops across the country, specializing in body acceptance, the importance of sexual expression and all things sex. Categories: Curvy Girl by Elle Chase - Sex 101 Body Positive Positions to Empower Your Sex Life. Categories: Sextoys for Couples, Sex Instruction, Plus Size, Sextoys for Women. Cosmopolitan-sex-love.

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